Clinic Tour

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Cat Waiting Area

To alleviate patient stress, we offer a private dog-free waiting area for cats. The window at the end of the corridor allows views of the cat boarding suites and our treatment area.

Dog Waiting Area

We have a separate dog waiting area for privacy.

Children's Play Room

Children can be viewed from the exam room while they enjoy our secure play area.

Grooming Area

This is where our groomer works hard to keep your pets looking their best.

Exam Rooms

We have 4 exam room, each to accommodate your pet's species and size. We have two cat rooms, and two dog rooms. 

Drive Thru Pharmacy

For your convenience we offer a drive thru pharmacy where you can pick up your pets’ prescriptions or food without leaving your car.


We offer on-site radiology services including ultrasound/ sonogram and traditional x-rays.


Our lab allows us to run most diagnostic profiles in house. Many results are available before your appointment is over. We are also able to perform pre-surgical profiles and ECGs and receive results the day of surgery.

Treatment Area

When we take your pet "to the back" you can observe through our lobby windows. No secrets!

Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding area features oversized glass front suites, with window views to the outdoors. The suites are large enough for multiple pets to stay together: even large breeds!

Cat Boarding

In addition to our regular boarding suites, we also offer condos. These condos can be connected vertically or horizontally to give your cat more room to stretch his or her legs. They also include a shelf, which is perfect for cat naps.

Dog Play Area

Our fenced-in back yard allows our boarding dogs to run and play securely without being confined to a leash. Your pet will have their own private time in the yard, and multiple pets from the same home are able to play together. Your pets are never left unattended. There is always someone to watch and play with them outside.